About BADR

BADR is an established company that is striding in to the world of big-data with formal expertise and the right technology for the job. Our vision is to become the leading big-data visualization and analytics services provider in the Middle East, and this is a goal that we strongly believe to be reachable. With a dedicated team and the tools required, we plan to change big-data in a big way.

Despite our relative freshness to the field, we have the advantage of a dedicated and experienced team. Our team is a family at Badr and company culture is very important to us. We have a jolly band of geeks in the office who are all working towards a common goal. Our diverse and varying team all have a wealth of skills and knowledge that they bring to the table and this diversity helps exponentially in our ability to take on any challenge that we are faced with.

Looking to the present as well as the future, our company is extremely dedicated in helping our youth and local communities in any way that we can. We frequently hold sessions educating the youth on the modern business world and the skills that they will need in it. It is our goal to equip our young adults for the future that they’ll be shaping and this is a cause that is very important to us. 

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